Education and Training

We offer education and training to smallholder women farmers in rural areas in Kakamega County. We give them the prerequisite knowledge and skills to enable them not just to produce enough food for their families but also produce more for sale thus improving their household incomes.


Kakamega County is relatively endowed with water resources as compared to other regions in Kenya. A number of irrigation projects have been conducted so far in some regions and have significantly improved incomes of the farmers involved. Based on our knowledge at least there exists no irrigation project in the region to tap these potential resources and help improve farmers’ incomes. Irrigation projects in other regions in Kenya were not able to perform well as per expected either because they were not sustainable or did not involve the farmers and the local community members.

Water Pumps

There are considerable high solar energy resources in the county. Solar energy pumps could be used to supply water to farmers for irrigation. Solar energy irrigation systems are quite sustainable and easy to use as compared to conventional diesel powered systems.