Kenyan Led

Agrokenya is a Kenyan and grass-root led organization with young inspired professionals who appreciate the unique challenges smallholder farmers in Kenya face. We believe in crafting idiosyncratic solutions that  address the  distinct challenges smallholder farmers face in Kenya. Our knowledge of the existing  environmental  and agricultural challenges facing smallholder farmers,makes us be in a good position to provide innovative agricultural solutions to farmers.

Farmer Focus

Agrokenya invests in  talented men and women smallholder farmers who tirelessly farm on less than two hectares of land with limited resources at their disposal, to ensure that there is food for everyone. We help these awesome diligent farmers access the right tools:information,agricultural technology,farm inputs and market for their products) to produce enough food for their families and sale the surplus to earn more incomes.

Partnership Oriented Service

We conduct our activities in collaboration with our partners; Universities,Agricultural  institutions, County Governments, Farmers and farmer organisations to deliver innovative solutions to smallholder farmers’ problems.