Agrokenya entered into a partnership, a memorandum of understanding with THB University Germany, alongside MMUST Kenya. This partnership is geared towards capacity building through workshops, training and scholarship as well as exchange programmes that will see to it that the farmers get the best technology and knowledge. So far, Agrokenya has hosted professors from THB thrice and professors from Madgeburg UAS once.
The first river pump that was installed, a piston pump, has already been improved to a spiral pump that is likely to be more efficient.

Agrokenya intends to use this partnership to grow our farmers capacity and improve their income. The spiral pump is meant to help pump water from the river to the farms for irrigation purposes thus increase the productivity as time spent fetching water for irrigation is reduced.

Engineer Osore, MMUST and Martin from Magdeburg assembling the spiral pump

Markus and Martin, engineers from Magdeburg assembling the spiral pump at Elwasambi village












In the national spirit of reafforestation, we had a tree planting session where each visitor planted a tree to commemorate their visit as well as help us in increasing the national forest cover. Agrokenya being a group targeting farmers, we know that the trees will go a long way in ensuring that the rainfall patterns become predictable and easy to work with, thus enabling the farmers’ plan for their planting and harvesting seasons as well as knowing the best times to plant specific crops.
The spiral pump is meant to take care of irrigation problems and it uses the water speed to pump out of the river. IN future, we hope that we will be able to invent a solar powered pump that will work faster and better with minimal costs of maintenance. At Agrokenya, we believe in making the farmers the heros, by helping them in best practises in farming.